2016-2017 School Year  

VOICES_volMentors are needed for VOICES Corporation. Learn more below!

•Mentors will be required to meet with youth 2 times a month for a total of 4 hours. One-on-One sessions should be conducted in the community
•Mentors are asked to commit to a 12 month period with matched youth
•Mentors are to be at least 21 years of age, pass local law enforcement check, sex offender registry, CPS check, and national fingerprinting database.

To learn more about becoming a mentor, contact Kia Wells at kiawells@ourvoicescorp.org or (317) 496-1837. Sign up to participate here.
About VOICES Corporation

VOICES is a youth community arts outreach program specializing in creating platforms for youth voice. We are a group of published authors, professional artists, professional poets, and passionate community members that came together for a common cause. We offer an innovative way for communities to nurture and enlighten youth, while creating an environment of success. Through our programming, we begin to shift the perspectives of community members, schools, staff, board members, and the youth themselves. This task requires forgoing some traditional methods of how to create supportive environments and adapting inventive and creative techniques.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of youth through expression of self, community involvement, and providing options that will empower them to change their lives. We utilize the arts, specifically hip hop and spoken word/ poetry as a vehicle to assist in development of Protective Factors in efforts to decrease delinquency. We facilitate weekly in-class creative writing workshops, teen poetry slams and community engagement projects.