19007534_SAWs Inc Logo wSM (1)SAWs is a 12 year old faith-based group originating out of a partnership with Second Presbyterian Church and St. Lukes United Methodist Church, both of Indianapolis, to build wheelchair ramps for individuals trapped in their homes due to a disability or condition of aging. There is no cost to the individual for the ramp if they qualify financially; we fund up to 200% above poverty level. Due to the aging of baby boomers and changes in medical treatment allowing individual who are chronically ill to live longer, the need for our service is even more pressing. Our group once served Marion County only; now, our mission and ministry is reaching to all communities within the state. Therefore, the need for volunteers is expanding as well.

We seek volunteers to assist us in our efforts in a variety of ways:
Client Services-interviewing and screening applicants
Fund Raising-seeking donations/writing grants
Established Building Teams: pre-fab the components of the ramps, surveying and installation of the ramps, and finishing of the ramps.

There is no minimum or limit to the number of hours you may volunteer. There are no membership fees, criterion, or financial obligations. Typically, the work can be done from your home through the use of your computer or telephone, your identity is blocked from the interviewee.

There is no deadline to sign up. We welcome all volunteers at anytime.

Our contact information is as follows:
Pat Hall, Volunteer Coordinator
SAWs (Servants at Work)
8811 Robbins Road
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 844-7664 ext. 6031