The mission of The LAB is to empower young leaders of arts, civic and social organizations in Indianapolis through networking, support and collaboration to help make the city a more vibrant place to live and work.

The LAB, an IndyHub signature program, is a series of meetings hosted by IndyHub to unite Indianapolis young professional groups. We believe that by connecting the leaders of these groups, through The LAB, they will develop authentic connections to each other and our city that will allow for the greatest collective impact.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? We sure think it is.

Each year IndyHub will schedule six or more meetings to convene presidents, chairs and liaisons from Indianapolis young professional groups. While we’d love to invite everyone, when it comes to gatherings like these, experience has helped us sort out the size-to-effect ratio. And as it turns out the biggest crowd isn’t always the best size for The LAB. For every meeting, we put a call out to our YP Groups listing to attend. Not a part of an Indianapolis young professional group? Check out our listing above.

If you’d like for your organization to be a part of the The LAB, drop a note to Ashley at

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The Lab is sponsored by Boardable, a local startup helping to transform the board experience.

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The Bureau is a series of fully-furnished coworking facilities where professionals from various walks of life can thrive in a modern and secure professional working environment. We offer a variety of flexible open-space coworking memberships and private offices.