Student Voices: Life After Graduation

When you start college, you don’t really think about life after graduation. You are just thinking about getting through each week without having a breakdown. My college days went by just as fast, if not faster, as everyone kept telling me. Before I knew it, I had my diploma in hand and was working effortlessly to find a job. Talk about stressful!

When requirements say 2-5 years experience and you are just now stepping out into the ‘real world’ with a few internships under your belt, that can really put a damper on your attitude. But like all good third-grade life skill lessons taught me, I persevered and sent out at least 5 applications a day until I heard back from one that I was really looking forward to. Fast forward through a few interviews, and I GOT IT!

Now back to that ‘real world’ part. As of right now, it is fabulous but there are definitely some things that I had to adjust to. First, it’s great not having to work on homework or study for a test. I can come home and watch Netflix all night long without having to worry about school work or getting behind. I get more time to just relax and work on myself. While in school, it was hard for me to find time to work out, cook, and just invest in myself.

However, with all the positives definitely come the downsides. Bills. That one little word can just put a downer on everything. You work so hard for your paycheck, but at the same time your water, electric, and rent start rolling in. But more importantly, so do the student loan payments. Those three simple words are even worse than bills.

All that to say, there are definitely ups and downs to it all! I have been extremely lucky to land a job that I love and enjoy all of my coworkers so much. Transitioning from being a full-time student and a full-time employee into your first career can be very challenging at times, but after a little adjustment, your priorities will line up nicely and you’ll look back on your college days with a smile.


Olivia Lunn, a native of Bloomington, Indiana, is a recent graduate at the University of Indianapolis with a degree in Communication and an emphasis in Public Relations. She now holds a full-time position at Franklin College in the Development and Alumni Engagement Department. She loves long walks in Target and anything that has to do with food and carbs.

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