Pops at the Indianapolis Symphony

We’ve officially kicked off our 2014-2015 Passport to the Arts season. It’s too late to subscribe with us (we sold out at 200!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t use what we learn as research for your own arts season.

Following each show this season, we’ll tell you what Passport subscribers thought and share recommendations from Sky Blue Window to help you decide what tickets to pick up next.

Pops Series at the Indianapolis Symphony with IndyHub

Our first stop of the Passport season was the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO). And like many of the ISO’s performances, the Leading Men of Broadway only played two nights. So, the bad news is you’ve already missed it, but the Pops Series runs all year. Pops not your style? We promise, it’s not all you’ll find at the Symphony! If you loved this show—or think you would, definitely check out the season calendar.

Our Passport to the Arts crowd gave the ISO’s Leading Men of Broadway

98% Thumbs Up

And they said things like . . .

“This was one of the best shows I have seen at the ISO. The Lights and sound were sensational, and the singers were in perfect harmony with the music. Some of these versions of the songs were better then the Broadway recordings.”

“The ISO was incredible! I’ll definitely be back again.”

“Truly felt like I was at a Broadway show in New York City.”

The Pops Series at the ISO is for you if you . . .
  • Secretly (or not-so-secretly) really miss being in choir or band.
  • Want to impress someone with Symphony tickets, but also want to avoid a panic attack over how to pronounce the composer’s name.
  • Like to enjoy more contemporary music in a reserved seat.
  • Miss being able to take your Manhattan into the Classical Series performances.
From Cozy to Super-Sized, Sky Blue Window Recommendations

Sky Blue Window‘s taking excellent care of us this Passport season by providing pre-show notes and post-show recommendations. So, if you liked ISO’s Leading Men of Broadway, they’ve got a few best-bets for your cultural explorations.

Cozy Up to Culture: The Cabaret at Columbia Club offers an intimate experience with some of Broadways best performers, right on Monument Circle. Sky Blue blogger Justin Brady chatted with the venue’s mastermind, Shannon Forsell, about the old-time spot’s rebirth.

Triple Play: From Dancing with the Stars to Hilbert Circle Theatre, Time for Three (Tf3)  beautifully mingles pop culture and highbrow instrumentation. If your curious about the  virtuosos of music fusion, Seth Johnson’s profile on the trio offers their take on what it takes to  make classical music more accessible – and maybe most importantly fun.

Play It Again: We’d recommend planning now for Valentine’s Day (or the day before, let’s  not be too particular) by getting tickets to the ISO’s mash up of the silver screen and enchanting  sound with Casablanca: Film & Live Orchestra.


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