How a pharmacy major landed a marketing internship

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I’m in my fourth year as a pharmacy major at Butler University. My days vary, but can revolve around anything from drug metabolism to chemical structures to case studies of different disease states. I spend hours making note cards, reading lecture powerpoints, and taking dozens of tests each year.

4 years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a mentor take me under her wing. She introduced me to the Butler University Dance Marathon, a year-long philanthropic effort to fight for the kids and benefit Riley Hospital for Children. I knew this organization was something special from the start. I ended up applying for the executive board and got placed at one of the only few open spots: Director of Marketing.

Here I was, ending my first year of college, in a position completely from left field. Like every great baseball player, I wanted to go for the home run. It wasn’t easy! I learned to catch anything thrown my way; including projects, large scale media campaigns while continuing to manage science classes. In the end, we raised hundreds of thousands of dollars FTK for Riley Hospital for Children and I successfully ran communications for an entire year. My worlds collided when my passion for marketing sparked with my love for the kids. I walked away with a plethora of new skills from learning how to create graphics, launch social media campaigns, and many more “marketing” things.

Fast forward a few years, during a seven-minute round table discussion on campus, my interest was sparked once again. Following this, I eventually had coffee with the great Ashley Miser (if you keep up with our blog or IndyHub events – you know she’s incredible!). One thing led to another and an opportunity of a lifetime was placed in my midst. A chance to intern in the heart of my favorite city in the world, Indy, and continue to foster a passion of mine, so I said yes again!

Four important things I’ve learned:

  1. Say yes – is it scary? Does this make me uncomfortable? Those are the wrong questions to be asking. Will this challenge me? Am I following a passion?Yes. If I didn’t say yes to my marketing position for BUDM, I wouldn’t have been apart of one of the most impactful parts of my collegiate career. If I didn’t say yes to coffee, I wouldn’t be writing this today.
  2. Don’t be one dimensional. Step out of your comfort zone, who says a science major can’t be creative? Who says a business major can’t be a chef? If there is something out there that interests you, beyond your major or career path, go for it.
  3. Seven minutes is enough time to make a lasting connection. Seven minutes or 420 seconds was all I needed. Always be mindful of the value of time and those around you.
  4. Add some flavor. Bring variety to your daily routine. It brings me joy to step away from drug compounding and patient counseling for a few moments occasionally.

Follow your passions, even when it doesn’t make complete sense. Be three dimensional and say yes to the unknown. If the left field furthers your growth as an individual and brings joy to your life, you won’t regret chasing after it. I know I sure have not.

[Editor’s note: Mary has been with us as our Digital Media Intern for a few weeks now, if you missed her introductory blog, head here and learn more about her!]

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