Passport X Frequently Asked Questions

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Passport X FAQs

Q. When is the deadline to purchase my Passport?
A. They are on sale starting November 27, 2017 and a limited 100 Passports will be available. The deadline to purchase is January 15, 2018.

Q. Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
A. For the enjoyment of everyone, this series is not intended or appropriate for audiences under the age of 21.

Q. I’m a young professional, but not really new to the arts scene. Can I participate?
A. Absolutely! Passport to the Arts is about cultivating a younger, diverse and most-often new, audience for the arts in Indianapolis. Maybe you’re interested in exploring other art forms. Plus, who commits after a first date? We know an introduction to the arts may take seeing more than one performance before you’re ready to go directly to the box office.

Q. What if I can’t attend a planned event?
A. We totally understand – things happen. A lot of creative energy has been poured into planning these events. With respect for our arts partners, and the special access events that we simply can’t recreate, please lock the event date(s) into your calendar and understand that we are unable to accommodate alternative event date(s).

Q. What about canceling after I have RSVP’d?
A. If you find yourself unable to use your ticket, we suggest sharing your love for the arts and surprising a friend with a ticket.

Our goal is for Passport to the Arts to be a great experience for you, and for each of our collaborating arts partners. If a spot is saved for you and goes unclaimed, your ticket is considered used. Please email if you have specific questions.

Q. My [partner, friend, cousin] is visiting. Can I purchase an extra ticket?
A. In many cases, another ticket can be purchased directly through the box office, it will depend upon availability so you absolutely need to reach out in advance. To initiate this for a Passport event, first email

Pro tip – this is best to do on occasion and should not be an alternative to purchasing a Passport!

Q. If my [partner, friend, cousin] and I buy Passports, and one of us can’t make it to a performance, will someone else be able to use my Passport?
A. Definitely. You’ll just need to drop us a note before the show. Keep in mind, tickets will always remain in the name of the original subscriber.

Something else? Drop an email to