Market Wagon delivers to your door or employer

You’ve heard it before: “Buy Local”. I’m sure many of you have adopted this notion as well. You find ways to support certain organizations and brands because it’s more than just a good or service. It’s a way to have a direct impact on the economy around you, and it makes you feel good too, right?

Over the past several decades, most would consider Indiana a state centered around agriculture. If you’re from the area, there’s a good chance that you have relatives, family friends, or acquaintances who have farmed in the past or currently play a role in the farming community. A study conducted by the Crossroads Resource Center (prepared for the Indiana State Department of Health) found that our state imports an estimated 90% of its food (over $14.5 billion). So where is the disconnect? How, as an agriculture-centric state, are we not retaining more food dollars for our own economy?

Gaining access to high-quality, locally-produced foods can be challenging because of several factors. You could find items in a grocery store here and there, at your area farmers market, or in a few specialty shops around the city. If you must travel to all those places at a time when they are open and your schedule allows it, grocery shopping can become an inconvenient and time-consuming task. A truly diligent shopper can vote with their dollar to impact an economy, but it takes work. It takes going above and beyond, doing your research, and believing in a mission beyond your plate.

But what if you could accomplish everything within your personal values, avoid the grocery store, and save time? What if eating responsibly was actually doable, and dare I say, easy?

With Market Wagon, it is. Market Wagon is an online farmers market that delivers. We source almost exclusively Indiana farmers and artisans and provide a simple-to-use, straightforward platform for you to get your groceries delivered right to you. Simply place your order by Tuesdays at midnight, farmers will pick and artisans will prepare on Wednesday, then they bring their goods to the Market Wagon hub on Thursday morning. Orders are then loaded and you’ll receive it by early Thursday afternoon, complete with a text notification once it arrives.

You have a few options for delivery: 1) Get it delivered directly to your home for $5.95; 2) Pick it up at one of our market host locations for FREE; or 3) Get your company to participate as a corporate host and it’s also FREE! You’ll just take it home when you leave the office for the day. There’s no minimum, no subscription, and no contract. Just buy what you want, when you want it.

Plus, because we think you’ll love it, we want to give you some extra incentive to give Market Wagon a try. Use the promo code INDYHUBLOVESLOCAL when you check out for $15 off your first order of $30 or more! Just visit and start shopping!

If you have any questions or are interested in getting us integrated into your company, do not hesitate to contact Travis Summitt at

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