It’s That Time of Year


While most people make their health resolutions in January, thus becoming very disappointed and guilty by June — I just wait until June. Why set myself up for an entire year of failure when I can just fail really fast over the course of one summer season and be done with it?

Normally what motivates me is my bathing suit, but this year it’s my 10 year High School Reunion. I have exactly two months until that great big not fun –but interesting — day (that I will probably not participate in.) Since my main wish is virtually unattainable, I guess I’ll just aim for 10 lbs and hope for two.


From my experience, most girls at any given time feel as though they need to lose 10 lbs, but actually, I think we could all just cut back on Starbucks, follow this girl’s amazing butt-workouts on Instagram, and throw away the scales.

Another myth is the one that tries to make me feel bad about not being an avid runner… or a runner at all. Because I’m 100% certain that this run-craze is 110% more effective and healthy than my current craze: not leaving the couch until I’ve memorized every Gilmore Girls episode, or finished the latest season of Orange is the New Black. However, running isn’t the be-all end-all to exercise. Here are two articles that contradict my previous statement and belief that running might be bad for me: I’ll let you be the judge.

But if you must deny my advice and seek the life of a runner, I hear there are clubs that run AND drink beer, and I highly recommend checking out all of those (i.e.; Bourbon Street Running Club and Flat 12 Running Club).


If exercising and working out just aren’t in your vocabulary right now and you don’t have a motivation in your life to change this, I don’t want you feeling left out. Here are a list of things you’re probably already doing that, according to reliable sources, like Buzzfeed and MD, are just as good!

Drinking Wine: apparently drinking red wine is equivalent to “a modest amount of exercise.”

Drawing the Alphabet with Your Feet: Strange, but… true? According to this website anyway. I’ll take it!

Having Kids: I know a lot of my friends with children express that they wish they had more time to work out, but what they may/may not realize is: all of them look better, weigh less, and eat healthier than I do. Keeping up with kiddos is probably the best work-out out there, so maybe I should take up baby-sitting! My mother was a very skinny mom, but she reminded me that Jane Fonda was a fad back then. Perhaps I will scale the internet for an old vhs-turned-dvd if I get really desperate.


Indy is a wonderful city for exercise. I’ll break it down for you:

The Canal

The canal is my favorite form of Indy Love and exercise all in one, although I typically use it for different purposes:
Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.07.10 PM

But if you love the canal and love CrossFit, there’s a new gym on the canal.

You could also go paddleboating, ride your bike or rent a Pacer’s one, or just walk. It’s approximately 2.5-ish miles if you go all the way around (almost 5 if you add the loop by the zoo!)

For Cerebral-Active Types

There are a ton of amazing studios that offer great new-member deals, like Invoke and the new YMCA that’s being built downtown, for example. My personal favorite class to take, which doubles as fulfilling my childhood dream of being a ballerina, is Beginners Ballet at ISB. They literally mean beginner, and yes, guys are welcome.

Outdoorsy Folk

Indiana gets a bad rap for being one big flat land-locked cornfield, but there are actually a lot of hiking and water activities!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 12.07.24 PM

I’m hesitant to share this gem, but okay, if it will get you moving I’ll do it: I found this extremely awesome (and creepy?) fort while on one of these trails one day!

For Those Who Burn Easily

If outdoor exercise isn’t your thing, you might want to try indoor rock climbing!

Or if you’re already into that sort of thing, but have maybe lost touch with the friends you used to go with, I highly recommend checking out the Indianapolis Outdoor Adventure Club Meet Up Group.

What motivates you to attempt a healthier lifestyle? What tips (or tricks!) have you learned along your fitness journey? If I’ve yet to convince you to try any of the above, maybe your pride in our great city will be your encouragement. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we are dead last guys, on the list of Most Fit Cities. Dead Last.

So come on, let’s turn off the NetFlix and make that ranking change!


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