Why IndyVolved is the Event You Won’t Want to Miss

“Are you going to IndyVolved?” During the month of May, I pose this question to just everyone I know that is a young professional in Indianapolis. Most of the time they say yes, but for those few I encounter who do not know what IndyVolved is, I launch into a short state of shock followed by wide eyes and a smile as I list off multiple reasons why IndyVolved is THE nonprofit event of the year to attend.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/indyvolvedxLook, I get why you might think IndyVolved is not for you. It happens on a weeknight, at a library, with nonprofits. I know you’re thinking “But I’ll miss out on The Middle and The Goldbergs,” in which I’ll say you can easily watch them on Hulu after you attend the event. You also might be thinking “Nonprofits are stuffy and boring, why would I want to get involved with them,” in which I’ll say you obviously have never been to the Museum at Moonlight at the Children’s Museum or seen the incredibly public art projects spurred by Big Car.

While you were out not attending IndyVolved, you missed…

  1. Things getting hot. Really hot. That’s what happens when you pack 1,500+ people in one event space together for a few hours in close proximity. Around 100 Indy nonprofits, young professional boards, volunteer groups and auxiliaries pack themselves together to meet with you.
  2. Waking up the next day without your voice. It never fails, every year I leave IndyVolved without my voice. This comes from speaking to said 1,500+ people enthusiastically about why donating your time is just as important as donating from your wallet.
  3. Giving out your email and business cards like you’re throwing candy at a parade. Because Indy nonprofits have it going on, and I show my love and support for all of them.
  4. Winning free tickets to the hottest nonprofit events of the year. Many organizations give away tickets to their biggest galas and parties because they want YOU to attend.
  5. Everyone. Literally, all of Indy’s young professionals come to this event. Every year it is like a giant class reunion I actually want to attend.

View More: http://mollyconnor.pass.us/indyvolvedxI have attended IndyVolved as either a guest or exhibitor for four years. In fact, last year I participated at three different nonprofit tables, hopping from one to the other throughout the night. Since I started my nonprofit career seven years ago, I have attended and participated in hundreds of events that aim to be like IndyVolved. None of them stack up to the awe that IndyVolved brings to me every year. Why? Because this event for young professionals is organized and produced BY young professionals, who understand how valuable your time and energy is. Instead of going to hundreds of these events a year, I look forward to one incredibly awesome one.

And, guess what? Registration for IndyVolved 11 is now open! I hope to see you there.


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