2 December

The World is Running Late, and I’m Five Minutes Early…

Do you ever think that maybe your internal clock is wrong? Just wrong all the time? I do. This is something I struggle with daily. I think I have a sort of phobia about arriving late. It’s not just things like appointments for work; for me, it’s a given that I should be there early […]

11 November

Suz in the City: Hands Free?

Hands Free? I know there is a lot of debate right now about cell phone usage in cars. I had a similar discussion with my husband last night. He said he heard they were thinking of outlawing blue tooth in cars (which he has and uses). The conversation sparked when he said that he was […]

18 October

10 Tips to Buy Clothes that Fit!

Think back to a time you went shopping for new clothes and you asked yourself or a friend, “does this fit?” This question is at the heart of personal confidence in one’s image. Clothes we wear affect how we think, feel, and act – in turn they affect how others react and respond to us. […]

30 September

Kallie’s Keys to PDA: Underqualified Unemployment

In early September a rather shocking survey found that more than 20 percent of hiring managers across the country say they can’t find qualified candidates to fill available positions. How can this be when there are so many folks unemployed? Nearly 15-million Americans nation-wide are out of work, According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, […]