17 May

Indy Concert Culture Champions

Ok, so now that you’ve said that title 3 times fast (conthert culchuhh thampions) let’s discuss the state of Indy’s musical heritage. Once upon a time Indy natives and scenesters were quick to gripe about the lack of appropriate venues, community activities and cultural support for local musicians.  Yet over the past, say, 3 years […]

16 May

You Don’t Know Jack: Wholesale District Review. Jack and Jill Style.

As you may or may not know Indyhub.org is letting me back on my soapbox and given me two thumbs up to provide my very own reviews hotspots within Indy’s Cultural Districts. Little do they know, I have never actually written a review. Have you? It’s not easy. I tried for all of 75 seconds […]

6 May

Changing Perspectives: 34 is the new 34…

The checkout dude at the grocery store didn’t card me today when I tried to buy wine and at the end of my order, he called me ma’am. I honestly had to look around for the gray-haired lady he was referring to as “ma’am.” Hmph! I’m not a ma’am, I’m **only** 34. Thirty’s the new […]

2 May

Experiencing the World’s Most Expensive Paintings in Indianapolis

May in Indy. There’s no better place to be. Sunshine takes over, all of these April showers turn into May flowers and the racetrack kicks into gear. Anybody that has been here to experience May in Indy knows what I’m talking about and yet no amount of words can describe it properly to someone who […]

28 April

Tales from a Webbed Toed Girl’s Life

I was driving on 465 on my way to Plainfield today when I noticed a billboard for Fila’s newest shoes, Skele-toes. If you’ve seen Vibram’s Five Fingers; they’re the same thing. Basically, the have an individual slot for each of your toes. I sure wish I could buy a pair, but like Ashton Kutcher, I […]

22 April

Under the Hub: Vol. 3

By Ryan Puckett – Some of you may know me already as one of the “Spokes” on indyhub.org. While I’m helping out at IndyHub, I want to give you a little insight about what happens under the hub… er, hood. For one night each summer, the Indianapolis Zoo transforms into Zoobilation, a festival featuring some […]

21 April

Kallie’s Keys to PDA: The power of positive

Think of the most all-around positive person you know. What does he or she bring to the table — energy, can-do attitude, sincerity, a willingness to help others? Now imagine if ALL the people you worked with, co-workers, clients, partners, etc., made you feel this way everyday? Woah, that might be a different environment, huh? […]

21 April

Orindytation – Lesson 1

In two weeks, it will be the 12th anniversary of the day I decided that I was going to leave the city of Indianapolis. Though I loved my job, I just didn’t feel connected to the city. I had not discovered anything about Indianapolis that excited me. I had lived here for over a year, […]