12 April

Student Voices: Fellow College Students, Look to the Future

Student Voices: Fellow College Students, Look to the Future

At Butler, my average day consists of classes, work, an internship, extracurricular activities, and then homework after that. During any breaks, I try for a social life, sometimes even successfully! While I love a lot of things about college, having such an overloaded schedule is not one of them. I’m not alone in this. I […]

19 December

Student Voices: Minecraft and water bottles

For the past year and a half, I’ve been lucky enough to intern at Sycamore School, the coolest private school this side of Meridian Street! I worked with first through fourth graders and got to know a lot about their ‘kid culture’. But for the first time since freshman year, I won’t be working there next […]

25 October

Student Voices: The year my car decided to celebrate Halloween

Indianapolis is like a second Halloweentown this time of year. There are haunted houses, special parties at bars and restaurants, even ghost tours of cemeteries. Having a Halloween night out on the town is an adventure, and like all good adventures, you’re never sure how it’ll turn out. I should know; I tried to go […]