20 April

Student Voices: Life After Graduation

When you start college, you don’t really think about life after graduation. You are just thinking about getting through each week without having a breakdown. My college days went by just as fast, if not faster, as everyone kept telling me. Before I knew it, I had my diploma in hand and was working effortlessly […]

23 February

Student Voices: Winter in Indiana

Winter can be a strange time, especially in Indiana. One day it will be snowing at 22 degrees outside, and the next it is sunny and 75. It makes for hard decisions like what to wear, but most importantly what to do to entertain yourself when this not-so-great weather is here to stay for a […]

27 December

Student Voices: Gradu-what?!

“These next four years will be the quickest and best four years of your life.” These words came out of my parents’ mouths as they left my freshmen dorm. I thought they were joking when they said that these next four years would fly, but like any normal teenager, I rejected those beyond truthful words. […]