7 April

Student Voices: Flanner House Community Writing Center

During my time at Marian University, I have had the opportunity to work as a tutor at the Marian University’s Writing Center (MUWC). You may think that a Writing Center focuses specifically on scholarly pieces of writing, which students bring to tutors to edit for perfection. However, this is anything but the case. I have […]

6 February

Student Voices: Finding your second home

In college, it’s tricky to find a place that you can claim as your own. Each year, you are placed into a different living situation with different roommates, where you have to have the discussion about dirty dishes yet again. Twice a year, your classes and schedule change, so just when you get used to […]

19 October

Student Voices: Stand-up in Indy

There is arguably no better way to connect with someone than through a laugh. Laughter is the common ground that brings us all together, despite our differences. Sometimes it comes from your friend’s favorite joke that you’ve heard for the tenth time, or meeting someone new and laughing over a scene from the “Big Bang […]