10 October

Confidence is key in professional development

You are amazing!  Do you know that? When we set out to pursue our goals and dreams, speaking positivity over our lives is a great way to stay encouraged and motivated. And that starts with believing in your heart that you have the ability, strength, knowledge to achieve your goals. For the majority of us, […]

29 August

Daily Living and Self-Care

It seems as if managing my daily tasks requires energy–or maybe it is just me? I sometimes find it challenging to balance my home life, work, family obligations, church, and social life without energy! Figuring out what motivates us can help us tap into our energy much easier. For me personally, I can always tell […]

19 July

Exploring Indy in the summer

Greetings, Indy! These last few weeks have been bright and warm – let’s get out and engage with nature! There are so many scenic areas here in town. I’m going to share some interesting attractions and events coming up this summer/early fall. Indy’s next major outdoor event is the Indiana State Fair beginning August 4th […]

20 June

Embracing diversity in Indy

My fellow Hoosiers! What comes to mind when we think of the culture of Indianapolis? Sports, Art, Music, Food, Festivals… and of course, some of our most popular neighborhoods and attractions such as: Broad Ripple Village, Massachusetts Avenue, Fountain Square, The Canal & White River State Park, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art; all […]