jamesonCamp_320x240PROGRAM COMMITTEE 2016
Program Committee is a group dedicated to supporting Jameson campers and participants through amplifying the initiatives of our energetic and involved program staff. The committee members are organized into sub-groups responsible for (1) Summer-camp registration, (2) assisting in Summer Camp and Youth Leadership recruitment efforts, and (3) enhancing event execution.

Work with our Program Staff to place fliers in schools, restaurants, libraries, etc. as well as man booths, make phone calls, and participate in other efficient and innovative ways to recruit youth. Outreach volunteers are welcomed to use their own social networks to bolster outreach efforts!
WHEN: Year-round, but especially Winter, Spring and Early Summer. As volunteer’s schedule permits.
REQUIREMENTS: Comfort in speaking to groups, transportation, ability and willingness to represent Jameson Camp in social settings.

Good with your hands? Like fixing things? We need your support! While our Site Manager, Brad Higgins, can manage many tasks, an experienced handyman willing to offer occasional small repairs, plumbing, electric, or other technical support will greatly assist the efficiency of Jameson Camp.
DETAILS: The volunteer would be able to answer occasional calls, come to the camp, and preform needed repairs in specified field. Jobs vary: a cabin may have a broken, boarded window that needs to be repaired or a toilet may need replacing. A volunteer with know-how, and willingness to assist would be asked to repair the problem.
WHEN: Occasionally, as needed by camp and volunteer is available.
REQUIREMENTS: Experience with small repairs. If working with electrical or plumbing repairs must be a licensed technician.

Computer savvy AND organized? Your expertise will be utilized for an electronic filing project to organize the folders and files within our computer drive.
DETAILS: Jameson staff deposit varying materials on a shared computer drive, and an organizational system is needed to make the shared drive more efficient. The volunteer will have contact with most of our staff to determine what files need to be discarded or saved. The volunteer will then take this information and design a filing system that staff will maintain.
WHEN: As volunteer is available during normal work hours Monday thru Friday.
REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable with computers and electronic filing. Aptitude and experience in organizing files.

Cultivate and nurture several small garden spaces by identifying and clearing invasive species, weeds, and lending some TLC to Jameson Camp’s flower beds.
DETAILS: Jameson’s Native Species Trail is designed to showcase the interesting, native flora of Indiana and the mid-west. Unfortunately, invasive species are persistent and abundant, and need occasional monitoring and uprooting during the growing season. Our Butterfly Gardens also needs maintenance, as well as new plants. The garden volunteer can also work with our Site Manager, Brad, to determine other potential areas of interest for gardening and landscaping.
WHEN: Occasional seasonal work, as volunteer is available.
REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to identify invasive/native species, previous gardening experience and knowledge desired.

Questions? Ready to sign up? Connect with Carolyn at carolyn@jamesoncamp.org or (317) 241-2661 or check Jameson Camp out online.

About Jameson Camp

Jameson Camp, a 501(c)(3) non-profit and partner organization of United Way, enriches the lives of Indiana youth by inspiring them to discover their strengths. The camp, founded in 1928 and located on 100 acres in the midst of Indianapolis, provides summer camp, outdoor education, and youth leadership programs to disadvantaged youth. Seventy-five percent of all youth served at Jameson Camp live below the poverty level, and many also have minor social, emotional, or behavioral challenges. The camp provides youth with a safe and educational environment in which they can build advantageous life skills.