Student Voices: Stella is turning heads

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Some people, especially Indy natives and fans of downtown, may have noticed the sudden closing of Pizzology, and the even quicker turnaround to the new restaurant Stella. Pizzology was a restaurant located on the corner of East and Mass Ave where they served eclectic fire-baked pizzas – my favorite was the one with local fennel sausage and Indiana sweet corn. But recently, the owners of Pizzology decided to rebrand and opened Stella. Being the good Indy Foodie Fan, I knew I had to check it out!

I made reservations for two at 8 pm on a Friday (Stella recommends that you make reservations), and as a heads-up for those used to the entrance being on Mass Ave, the entrance is on East now. (Totally had to do the awkward back walk, and I hope to spare y’all the shame.) Once inside, it felt like the old place but with a new up-do. It was very nice and could be described as modern opulence, a great atmosphere for a date or to celebrate with friends in.

Food wise, the restaurant does several different kinds of small plates and is more like an Italian tapas restaurant, but if you are starving they have larger plates as well. My favorite menu section was the “Bread Culture,” in which they have bread with amazing toppings, and the Crudo was delicious. You definitely need to try the Hamachi, it was recommended to us by our waitress and it was heaven.

To go along with the beautiful food, they also have fantastic cocktails. For bourbon fans, I suggest you splurge for the Barrel-Aged Spanish Manhattan with the Angel’s Envy Port-finished Bourbon, it is well worth it.

Essentially, I think the owners of Stella have given Indy another fantastic new restaurant, one I will definitely be going back to so that I can try the other dishes on the menu.

Stella is located at 608 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204.


Victoria Hart is a senior at IUPUI majoring in Global & International Studies through the IU School of Liberal Arts. She is also minoring in German and History, and earning certificates in Human Communications in a Mediated World and Event Management. Victoria is a transfer student from Grand Rapids, MI, but has lived in seven different states as she is from a military family.

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