Student Voices: Volunteering your passion

As days turn into nights and temperatures drop even lower, we inch toward the season of giving. The giving of time, presents, and love. Most of all, it becomes the season of giving to those in need. Many whip out a checkbook or make their way over to the nearest soup kitchen believing these are the only way. There is certainly nothing wrong with those two options; there’s a sense of contentment of that comes from helping in those ways.

However, it is sometimes hard to assist if you don’t have the finances, are unable to drive, or have the passion to serve meals. That doesn’t mean you can’t help. Oftentimes, the best help and volunteering come from those who find out what they are passionate about and use that to help others. Below are some ways that people with different types of passions can help.

D.I.Y. Individuals:

gaskin_2Easy level do it yourself projects can be as easy as making no slip socks using puff paint, or making fleece blankets and scarfs. For something a little more difficult you can make art kits for children in shelters or hospitals. Another can be making dog toys out of old worn out shirts.

People Who Have a Passion for Interacting with Others:

Find a shelter near you. There are kids who would love the human interaction and to feel as if someone cares. If you prefer to work with older individuals, there are nursing homes that allow you to come in and hang out with an individual for the day.

Animal Lovers:

Find an animal shelter near you. Many are looking for individuals who will help walk and feed the dogs, play with cats, and clean after them.gaskin_1

Education Lovers:

You can volunteer to help with after school programs. If you prefer working with older adults, you can work with programs that teach literacy and basic math skills.

There are infinite amounts of ways to give back if you find something you are passionate about. Oftentimes it won’t feel like another volunteer gig, it will seem as if it is you are having just fun. When you love what you do, you keep coming around. It will no longer be the season of giving back, but a lifetime of giving back and there you will find that your heart is home.

[Editor’s note: If you need a place to start when looking for a new volunteer opportunity, check out our extensive IndyHub volunteer listing!]


shannongaskin_picShannon Gaskin was born and raised in the heart of Indianapolis. She is a psychology and creative writing major at the University of Indianapolis. Shannon loves to spend her time eating, volunteering, singing, and writing.

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