Student Voices: Gradu-what?!

“These next four years will be the quickest and best four years of your life.”

_mg_9685These words came out of my parents’ mouths as they left my freshmen dorm. I thought they were joking when they said that these next four years would fly, but like any normal teenager, I rejected those beyond truthful words. Through all the tears, breakdowns, and desperate trips home to get a dose of comfort, these last three and a half years have gone by in a blink of an eye. When I walked across that stage last Saturday, my college career was going through my head like a movie reel with the highlights, the lowlights, and the quick spurts of light.

As I have concluded another chapter in my life, I have found that a lot of people are asking that questions that every family member asks when you go home for the holidays. No, I’m not talking about the “so…do you have a boyfriend” question, but the “so…what is the plan after graduation” question. Honestly, I think I dread the latter one more than the first.

As that time has come, I thought I would be the girl that could confidently answer that question from anyone because I would have a job lined up.  Unfortunately, I am not the girl that can answer that question confidently. Instead, I answer it with “that’s a great question.” And I’ve found that that answer is OK. Yea it isn’t the answer that I’m a huge fan of, but it’s one that I have to work with. I’ve learned throughout college that sometimes things don’t go your way, and that’s all a part of the journey.

img_7918Sometimes we don’t get the grade we want on that test, we don’t get that internship we applied for, or maybe we don’t get that class we wanted to take. But I am lucky to graduate college with amazing experiences and professors that will help me even after I have received my diploma. These relationships will last a lifetime.

So what I guess I am trying to say is cherish your college career because soon you will be walking across that stage, moving your tassel to the left side of your cap, and trying to answer the dreaded questions when you see your extended family. It is so crazy that I have graduated, but it makes me so excited to start this journey, especially in Indy!


olivia_lunnOlivia Lunn, a native of Bloomington, Indiana, is a senior at the University of Indianapolis majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. She holds an internship at the NCAA in the Media Coordination and Statistics department and works in athletic development at UIndy’s Greyhound Club. Olivia is also the public relations executive for the UIndy chapter of Love Your Melon.

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