Midday Croquet at Wicket World

Last year was my first experience attending and playing in the annual Wicket World of Croquet : A Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site Event. When the invitation slid across my desk and I read “most fashionably unique event, complimentary beverages…all to support high-impact educational programming,”  I immediately signed up and began ordering my best white attire!

It didn’t matter how many times I had played a family version of croquet in the back yard, I was a rookie and there’s no way around that fact. Finally, the long-awaited day arrived and let me be clear this event didn’t (and how could it not), disappoint!

There were so many adoring croquet fans and fans of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, all gearing up to spend their Saturday afternoon to stack up their wicket points and win the tournament. Now, I think it’s important to note that growing up I was a gymnast, so these fancy “eye on the ball” and “aim” tricks aren’t for the faint of heart – especially not this girl.

I just so happened to have a very talented teammate (at work and on the croquet field), Laura Granieri. She was the true leader of our tiny team and though we made it so darn close to the finals, we didn’t win the glorious title of croquet champs. What we did “win” was even better: a few new friends, and bonding over hilarious memories made.

So whether you and your at-home partner, or you and your work partner(s) need time to bond or just let loose and enjoy adult beverages (Ash & Elm and Sun King Brewing, anyone?!), this event is so spectacular, anyone could throw on their best white attire and have an a amazing time.

What now? Register your team and then catch up on your croquet lingo – it might just help you take home the victory!

And friends, I’ll see you this Saturday, June 3 for a croquet tournament you won’t soon forget. Win or lose, either way it makes for a spectacular time!

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