Hello Neighbor!

When we say neighborhood tour, we mean a neighborhood experience for curious minds and urban explorers.

 Are you ready for an intimate look into the diversity of our city’s neighborhoods?

We take you into the heart of Indianapolis neighborhoods (and there may be more of them than you realize), and introduce you to the people who know its stories and the people who are a part of its future. We highlight residential opportunities, let you meet the locals and show you the places they love. And we do it all in an evening, sometimes by bike!

How you can participate in Hello Neighbor:

Hello Neighbor is a summer program series. There is limited capacity and the events tend to fill up quickly. We have three events lined up this summer from June- August. To stay up to date, sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already.

Why do we love neighborhoods so much?

Because we’re obsessed with you knowing more about what Indianapolis has to offer and how these neighborhoods are growing and changing. Plus, we’re always looking for a good excuse to do a little exploring ourselves! With all the artists and entrepreneurs and activists and investors that fill Indianapolis, practically every time we wander over to a neighborhood we haven’t been to in a while, there’s something new to check out.

So, whether you’re looking to buy or rent somewhere new or maybe not just yet, we’re positive that you’ll love exploring Indianapolis with Hello Neighbor!

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To learn how your company can become involved with Hello Neighbor series, contact Karissa Hulse at karissa@indyhub.org.

2017 Hello Neighbor! events:

June 28- 16th Street corridor (map here)
July 26- Central State Village (map here)
August 30- Maple Crossing (map here)

Hello Neighbor! will pick back up in summer of 2018