Confidence is key in professional development

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You are amazing!  Do you know that? When we set out to pursue our goals and dreams, speaking positivity over our lives is a great way to stay encouraged and motivated. And that starts with believing in your heart that you have the ability, strength, knowledge to achieve your goals.

For the majority of us, our professional career typically begins after high school. Some immediately pursue a College education that will prepare us for our career fields.  Some pursue the workforce after high school. With both of these approaches, we have the chance to evolve academically, intellectually, and socially.

Each new day gives us the chance to start fresh and learn something new. As individuals, we have different learning styles. We may learn through reading, auditory-musical, images, educational games, group settings, hands on human contact.  

While building toward your future, investing in yourself is a good place to start. Even during college, there are opportunities to take advantage of such as: taking a public speaking class, volunteering in your field of study, consider studying a foreign language and diversity courses. This may help you to better prepare for what may lie ahead. Later in life you may land a job that requires you to travel for business inside and outside of the United States. Preparation is key!

Tips to consider while in the decisive process:

  • Make a list of your top 3 passions in life.
  • Write out a 1- year life plan (personal, financial, career).
  • Acknowledge your strengths and areas that need improvement.
  • Consider reading educational books on your desired career field.
  • Attend social networking events to meet new people/make connections.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments.
  • If considering starting your own business, utilize all of your resources such as: social media, inquire with other business owners, participate in vendor opportunities.

Always remember to strategize, access, and process in planning. Be optimistic, teachable, patience, and consistent. You are great!

[Editor’s note: There are some amazing opportunities to get professionally involved here in Indy! Be sure to check out our YP group page to learn more about how you can get connected to one (or more!) of these great organizations and causes.]


An Indiana native, Ashley Brown has a professional background in Social Work and is the Owner/Director of a local Event Planning Business here in Indianapolis. Ashley is very excited to blog and connect with her Community through IndyHub! In her spare time, she enjoys writing, journaling, volunteering, listening to music, trying new recipes and spending quality time with her family. Follow Ashley on Instagram.

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