14 April

Mentorship is a lot Like Dating

Mentorship is a lot Like Dating

It seems like many of my peers have confused mentoring with networking. “Mentor” is a word tossed around a lot in the young professional world and yet seems quite misunderstood. My heart breaks just a little bit every time I hear how a friend is “getting coffee with their mentor for the first time and they […]

19 October

Internships Launch Careers – Indiana INTERNnet

Internships are more important than ever for students. Real-world experience to supplement classroom knowledge has become a necessity in the highly-competitive workforce. Internships provide this hands-on experience, as well as open students up to a network of professional connections. Internships are also a launching pad for careers, and state leadership has taken notice. According to […]

3 June

We Want to B a Part of the Change

We Want to B a Part of the Change

Our company mantra is simple: I want people and clients to do well when they are with Bohlsen Group and to do even better if/when they leave. I understand that running a marketing and public relations agency isn’t going to save the world, but I’ve always made a conscious decision to make an effort to drive […]

13 October

Indiana INTERNnet now accepting IMPACT Awards nominations

INTERNnet is looking for nominations of outstanding interns, employers and career services professionals for the 9th annual IMPACT Awards. They sent us the details: Did you host an intern this year who went above and beyond? Does your company have an internship program that provides a solid experiential learning opportunity for students? Do you collaborate with […]

4 March

She Is: Sequester Scared, Dudes

All this talk about the government sequestration got me thinking about finances, but also the language we use when we talk about money. Spending cuts. Gah. It sounds so violent. It’s no wonder people have a hard time getting their finances in order. Money is a scary thing to discuss on its own, but when […]

22 February

The Roaring Twenties: Ditching the Mean Girls Mentality and Embracing Support

When I was younger I was a pretty competitive person. Grades, extracurricular leadership positions, card games with my grandfather (whom I probably inherited the competitive streak from)–I approached all with a “must win” mentality. Yes, that streak does still creep out on occasion, but working alone cuts down on the desire to compete with someone […]

23 October

Confessions of a Young Professional: “Fake it ‘Til You Make it”

“Fake it 'Til You Make it”.. Let’s be honest, as much as we try to argue that first impressions shouldn’t mean as much as they do, to acknowledge them means to freely admit that making a good one is important to us – otherwise it wouldn’t matter enough to say whether we found it to […]