29 July

Suz in the City: The Del Boca Visita of 2010

For those of us well versed in the world that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld created all those years ago, we remember Del Boca Vista. It was the condominium complex where Jerry’s parents spent their golden years. After an embarrassing impeachment, Morty Seinfeld convinced Kramer to run for President, so he could continue to run […]

23 July

A Locavore: So much Indy, so little time

It used to make me sad when I would miss an event like this. Back in June I had a conflict for the 5th straight year with Brew Ha Ha (Phoenix theater fundraiser / event). I now look at this with great civic pride; Indianapolis has so many things going on that support the arts, […]

15 July

You Don’t Know Jack: ISO Roommate

Four months into my 30s, I received a phone call from my step-dad. Apparently, we have a family friend I’ve never known about. And apparently, said friend comes from a really nice family and just needs a furnished room for the summer. Said friend is interning in Indianapolis and said friend is a really nice […]

5 May

Movin’ Right Along

I’ve been MIA for a while, but I solemnly swear, it’s because I’ve been up to no good. I’ve been busy drumming up some real-life field experience for ya’ll.  We’re selling and buying a house. That’s right, with two full-time jobs, freelance gigs, two kids, soccer, piano, church, the dog, professional development activities, and family […]

10 March

Kelly Gets Fit in City: Reformed by the Pilates Reformer

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think the Pilates Reformer resembles a torture apparatus, with its cables, bars, straps, pulleys, strings and its sliding platform. So, when IndyHub’s very own Molly Chavers, an instructor with Invoke, invited me to try it out as part of my weekly challenge, I was feeling a bit […]

8 March

Suz in the City: Revisiting Beef & Boards

There is something different to do in Indianapolis (that’s not new but may be forgotten) called Beef & Boards. I had gone there years and years ago (as a child) with my parents and remembered having a good time. When my girlfriend, Kelly, asked if Bryan and I would like to go see The Foreigner […]

15 February

Kelly Gets Fit in the City: Wii that was a fun workout

A week filled with snow storms and cancelled school seemed like an easy excuse for me not to go out in the cold and find a new weekly class to try. However, mid-week I felt guilty about not holding true to my challenge of doing a new fitness class each week. So, I decided to […]

1 February

Kelly Gets Fit in the City: Making a Splash in Water Aerobics

I inadvertently took a Water Aerobics class this week, which ended up being a good thing because my challenge of trying a new fitness class each week has been challenged by lack of time lately. So, when I went to swim laps at My Oasis (which used to be called Ladies Only) and the pool […]

22 January

You Don’t Know Jack: Ain’t No Cure for the Winertime Blues

According to my mother, this bit of a wintertime blues I’m going through isn’t just reserved for princesses like myself. We are well into the third week of the New Year and I don’t exactly feel rejuvenated nor do I feel resolved. I feel cold! I feel hungry! And just when I think I’m going […]