13 April

Live and Local: Record Store Day 2011

Pssst.. the music industry is dying.. pass it on! By the time this decade long game of telephone made its way to Indianapolis, the point was clearly moot. Okay, so maybe ticket and album sales have shrunk since the industry peak in 1999 when Fred Durst and Britney ruled the roost but there has clearly […]

12 April


I remember well our first place: The second floor of an old house that had been converted into two apartments and an optometrist’s office. The location—directly across the street from the most awesome of pubs and just a few blocks from campus—was perfect. It was spacious. It was shabby-chic-hip. It was cool. Strike that. It […]

7 April

Get Connected with Reg

There are lots of great ways to meet people in Indy. But are you making the most of those networking opportunities? Are you fishing in the right pond? And, are you networking for business purposes or do you just enjoy meeting people? Or, both? And most importantly how are you interacting with those you met? […]

4 April

You Don’t Know Jack: Butler Wins!

BUTLER WINS! How do I know that already? I don’t. I just seriously doubt that anyone on earth will read this blog on April 5th, because let’s face it… nobody cares what Jack and I have to say the day after the National Championship Game when our very own Butler Bulldogs are playing. I was […]

31 March

Indianapolis State of the Arts 2011

I’m pleased to report that the arts are alive and well in Indianapolis. Although CNBC recently listed Indianapolis among “20 Cities You Don’t Want to Live In … Yet“, their “Bads” were rather flimsy (okay, crime is a problem in some areas but the weather? C’mon, they’re called seasons and we like them here) while […]

30 March

There’s No Crying in Baseball… Or Business

Recently on Celebrity Apprentice (c’mon you know you watch it) the women’s team, led by pop culture hard nose, NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta (you know you watch that, too), lost to the men’s team led by rapper, Lil John. During Donald Trump’s explanation of how well the men accomplished their task, NeNe […]

6 March

The Blue Lexus at Costco

My husband and I went to Costco this weekend (I know, glutton for punishment) to pick up a few items. You know: a 100 pack of Coke Zero, a 40 lb block of white cheddar cheese—a “normal” quantity of items. When we walked inside, we noticed a Lexus SUV parked in front of the store […]