3 November

The Great Green Hope: A Snuggie for Your Abode

I know it’s only the beginning of November, but I’m expecting a long winter at the Puckett home. A few months ago, my wife and I moved to what was previously known as “the guest room” of our house in order to turn our old room into a nursery. Why? Because the guest room is […]

2 September

The Great Green Hope: I Don’t Idle, I Only Watch It on TV

You know, we Hoosiers are infamous for being idle. Our statewide obesity rate is atrocious, we aren’t active enough, we eat poorly, and so on and so on. You’ve heard this too many times, haven’t you? If you’re like me, you say to yourself, “That’s not me.” Then I’ve got a question for you—when was […]

14 July

The Great Green Hope: The Greenest Burrito

Others may define things more narrowly, but in my opinion, how food is farmed and raised is very much about being eco-friendly, sustainable, environmentally conscious or green. Personally, I try to choose foods that are locally grown, naturally and humanely raised, and, if possible, organic. Not everything I want to eat is available this way, […]

1 July

The Great Green Hope: Out with a Bang!

Out with a Bang Hello Indyhub readers! I didn’t want to start my green column with a tirade, but the timing seemed too appropriate not to tell you about my disenfranchised relationship with fireworks. The mainstay of Independence Day celebrations bores me, but what I’m even less interested in is minor league fireworks displays in […]