10 May

Student Voices: Poetry, please

Student Voices: Poetry, please

I’d bet most people look at poetry the same way they do modern art; that is, squint at it, baffled, and walk away shaking their heads. While I’ll admit I’ve had that experience with modern art, poetry remains something special to me. I don’t know when I discovered poetry, but it feels like it’s been […]

16 March

Student Voices: Age of Opportunities

Student Voices: Age of Opportunities

The first time I felt old was in fourth grade. Why, exactly? Well, it was the first time I had to wear a sweater vest to school. I grew up wearing a uniform: navy pants, belt, solid-colored dress shoes, white collared shirt, and, starting in fourth grade, a sweater vest. From fourth grade and up, […]

19 January

Student Voices: Seeking Silence

We live in a society consumed by noise. We live in a TV-watching, computer humming, iPhone vibrating, car honking, clock ticking, music playing society. Think about it. When is the last time you’ve driven somewhere without music? Cooked a meal without watching TV? Waited for your computer to load without checking your phone? Nowadays, the […]

23 November

Student Voices: The necessity of multilingualism

In America, we take pride in a whole lot. Portion sizes, fireworks, football, rags-to-riches stories, our freedom—you name it. One thing I fear we cannot take pride in is our adaptability to the global community around us, specifically in regards to language. Almost everyone I know speaks one language and one language only: English. Good […]