3 May

Student Voices: A Balancing Act

My daughter has been throwing these awful tantrums lately. Sometimes they make me proud— She is willful and persistent. Like her mommy, she takes no sh*t. I know that when she grows up, she will get everything she wants out of life because of these particular qualities that she could only have inherited from me. […]

10 March

Student Voices: A New Side of the Zoo

One summer when I was a kid, my mom bought a season pass to the Indianapolis Zoo. More days than not, I remember my mom and I donning bikinis and flip flops, lathering up with baby oil and marching our backpack-laden booties through the front gates like we owned the place. It was always hot. […]

9 January

Student Voices: Eating where the locals eat

Student Voices: Eating where the locals eat

There are exactly two times in my life in which I can consider myself a breakfast kinda girl: After 3 pm. Or: The morning after I’ve had a great night out, if you catch my drift. Which, honestly, is just not very often. But between 3 Christmas celebrations, my daughter’s birthday party, and our anniversary, […]

16 November

Student Voices: A night with the Symphony and the Cirque

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Are you ready? Okay… I was a band kid. I know, I know. I’ve heard it all before; the band nerd jokes and the “this one time, at band camp…”. But it was a long time ago! I’ve grown a lot since then. Anyway, I’m only telling […]