21 December

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Exchanging Out the Years

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Exchanging Out the Years

Can you hear that? Bells, carols, and twinkles– office parties and gatherings with friends… we’re very much smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, and as the end is approaching (quicker than I’d like to admit, I’ll add), we’re already planning our New Year’s Eve celebrations. I knew I just had to talk […]

19 December

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Winterlights

Well, I’m back and excited for the second to last installment of the Holiday Countdown blog. We will get to the good stuff in a moment, but before we do I want share that the Winterlights at Newfields are truly magical and I highly recommend taking all of your holiday visitors when they come to […]

15 December

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Lights at the Brickyard

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Lights at the Brickyard

Here’s my checklist for the next Holiday countdown adventure: Milk Checkered attire Sunblock Can you guess where we’re headed? Speedway, of course! And though you might not need sunblock in December (but I highly recommend it in May), you’ll definitely want to gather a group of friends and family to safely pile into the car, […]

4 December

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Jingle & Mingle

We all know that this is the time of year for celebrating with family and friends, sharing in old traditions and making new ones. Growing up, one of my family traditions was to watch (and rewatch) our VHS of Home Alone – my brothers and cousins, we’d all curl up with popcorn and jammies ready […]

1 December

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Jane Lynch at The Cabaret

Happy December, friends! I’m totally in it, the holiday spirit is bubbling around me now that I’m out of my turkey coma. There’s so much to do in our city! As this holiday countdown continues, I get more and more excited– this time is no exception. I sat down with two of our dear friends […]

21 November

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | IPL Yuletide Celebration

Hey, there friends! I’m excited that you’re still with me, blog number three in the Holiday countdown and we’re just getting started! This year more than ever it seems that holiday cheer has filled our minds and hearts a bit earlier than before, maybe because we need something that brings us all together – or […]

16 November

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | CCA’s Santa Stumble

Friends, please stand up and raise your hand if you cannot believe that Thanksgiving is already upon us! (Insert hand emoji here). This year I’ve found myself with at least three more Thanksgiving dinners to attend than usual – wow. So, how do I plan on walking off my turkey coma? I’m glad you asked. […]

1 November

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Taste After Dark

Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Taste After Dark

As we gear up for the holiday season, I thought it might be helpful to lead us all in a unique countdown. Join me over the next several weeks as I highlight 7 can’t miss experiences in Indy that are sure to put you in the holiday– err, community spirit. Our first event in this […]

30 May

Midday Croquet at Wicket World

Last year was my first experience attending and playing in the annual Wicket World of Croquet : A Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site Event. When the invitation slid across my desk and I read “most fashionably unique event, complimentary beverages…all to support high-impact educational programming,”  I immediately signed up and began ordering my best white attire! It […]

20 May

IMS + Porch Party Indy

IMS + Porch Party Indy

There’s something to be said about moments where you get to nestle up to close friends or meet friends of friends, all while you crack open your favorite beverage. (champagne, anyone?) It’s mid-May, and among all things race-related, we’ve officially hit porch season here in Indy. Porch parties are meant to open up a world […]