Ashley’s Holiday Countdown | Jane Lynch at The Cabaret

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Happy December, friends!

I’m totally in it, the holiday spirit is bubbling around me now that I’m out of my turkey coma. There’s so much to do in our city! As this holiday countdown continues, I get more and more excited– this time is no exception. I sat down with two of our dear friends from The Cabaret, Kirstin Brueckmann and Thomas Benoist. Ya’ll if you haven’t met these two, put it on your holiday list to schedule a coffee meet and greet, because they are two of the most talented and kind people you’ll ever meet.

Aaaand, they have the deets for a celebrity visit to Indy– yes, that’s right, someone special is coming to town! Read my sit down with Kristin and Thomas below to learn more.

Ashley Miser: How long have you all worked at The Cabaret?

Kirstin Brueckmann: I started full-time in May 2015 so I have been here for a little over two and a half years but I interned during college and have volunteered since mid-2013!

Thomas Benoist: I began working at The Cabaret in February 2015, so a little over 2 1/2 years!

AM: And what has been your favorite part of 2017 at The Cabaret?

KB: My favorite part of 2017 at The Cabaret was definitely making the big announcement about our move to 924 N Pennsylvania. The response from our patrons and the Indianapolis community was overwhelming and the excitement has continued throughout 2017. Whether we’re sharing construction photos or showing textile samples, the excitement is palpable.

TB: My favorite part of 2017 at The Cabaret has been all the excitement around the new space. It’s been incredibly encouraging the faith that not only our patrons have in us but also foundations and other community leaders.

AM: If someone has never been to The Cabaret what can they expect?

KB: We like to think of shows at The Cabaret like we’re inviting you to our cocktail party! It’s a fun, intimate night out with your friends where you’ll sit back, relax, and have a drink with some of Broadway’s biggest stars. You can expect to leave feeling like you’ve gotten to know the artist as a person and like you were a part of the show.

TB: A top notch experience that is unlike any other in Indianapolis. I love to say that we are giving patrons a little slice of New York right here in Indianapolis.

AM: So tell me more about the upcoming holiday show … who’s the guest star? (haha jk, like I haven’t been drooling over the promos)

TB: Um JANE LYNCH!! We’ve had her and her crew before. She’s seriously one of the sweetest people ever. They’ll be here December 8 & 9.

KB: And are you a fan of The Office? Then you’ll recognize Jane’s red-headed guest star Kate Flannery! Kate played Meredith for nine seasons on The Office. Jane also brings the ever dapper Tim Davis with her. Tim’s producing and singing credits include all six seasons of Glee, Lady Gaga’s 2017 Super Bowl Halftime show, Pentatonix Christmas, and the feature film Beauty and the Beast.

AM: You said Jane has been to The Cabaret before, how great that she returns to Indy! What can attendees expect to see at this show specifically?

KB: Yes – Jane, Tim, Kate, and The Tony Guerrero Quintet all appeared together at The Cabaret in June 2016. They are back this year by popular demand! Attendees can expect incredible harmonies from the three singers (Jane, Tim, and Kate) as well as some fantastic music from The Tony Guerrero Quintet. They can also expect to laugh and have an incredibly fun-filled night. Check out this video on The Cabaret’s YouTube to see a brief clip from Jane’s last show here!

TB: I think people should be ready to be surprised. Hint: Jane and Kate sang Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda the last time and it might be the highlight of my time here.

AM: Is there a show time that you recommend? Why?

TB: Our favorite insider tip for those later shows is that the performers stick around for meet and greets. If you come to the 9:30PM performances, you’ll be able to meet Jane and the whole crew!

AM: Now, for our friends who’ve continued reading, is there a discount for show tickets?

KB: Yes, there is a discount for all patrons ages 21-35! Sign up for The Lounge, our FREE group for young professionals, and you automatically get 20% off your tickets to the show. You can find more info about The Lounge and how to sign up here. You can also email me with any questions about The Lounge. We recommend signing up now, not only for discounted tickets to see Jane, but also for exciting things coming in 2018 and in the new space.

So you heard it here first – YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!

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